Day 1 OmniSwitch Alcatel 6648 ~ Configuration


You will then need to find the appropriate information in that documentation for an RS232 connection, authentication, login, assigning an IP address, and saving the configuration to the switch. If there are variances in the instructions that you have found online, use the instructions for the 6800. (See links below)

The second task is to configure the switch. Using the equipment in the lab as well as your own computer, connect the Keyspan USB to serial adapter to your computer with the USB extension cable and also connect the other end to the Alcatel switch that you will be using for the course.

ALCATEL IP Configuration Steps (Getting Started Guide):

    1. ip interface vlan-1 address vlan 1
    2. write memory
    3. show ip interface
    4. write memory
    5. copy working certified
    6. reload

Download the terminal emulation software for your computer (CoolTermWin) and verify the communication settings of baud rate, data rate, stop bits, and parity that you will find in the Alcatel documentation for communications with the switch. You will need to get this communication working between your computer and the switch. When using the terminal emulation software you will know that your settings are correct when you press the enter button and are prompted for a login on the screen. Configure the switch following the documentation online that you have found to be applicable.

Key Steps:

When you first log in to the switch, you will be prompted for a login (i.e., user) name and password. During this first login session, only one user name option and one password option is available:

Login: admin
Password: switch

To assign an IP address to a switch, simply assign an IP address to the switch’s default VLAN 1 by entering the ip interface command at the CLI prompt. Be sure that the command begins with the command syntax

ip interface

exactly as shown, followed by the the interface name, address,the IP address, vlan, and the VLAN number. For example:

-> ip interface vlan-1 address vlan 1

Once you have configured this basic switch information, save your changes by entering write memory at the CLI command prompt.

Saving to the Certified directory

The /flash/certified directory is intended to store only tested, reliable configuration and image files. Configuration changes must be saved to the boot.cfg file in the /flash/working directory. Once those changes have been roadtested,the contents of the /flash/working directory can be copied to the /flash/certified directory via the copy working certified command.

We have chosen to use Dale’s Network drawing for the remainder of this assignment.


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